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SO many people always ask what are the resistance levels and the truth is ...

It all depends on your strength level! 

It's resistance, your muscles will be under "load" for the entire range of motion.

Resistance training is better training. 

From bench presses, stretching, rehab and posture correction, and many more our

Asset bands can go with you anywhere.

Choose from color sets 

    Features Workoutniche™ Power Bands
    Quantity  Set of 6 Bands (25lbs-60lbs), 2 Textured Grips, 2 Textured Straps 
    Extras  Carrying Bag for Storage
    Design Hexagonal Grips & Coiled Bands
    Branding Exclusive Workoutniche™ Branding
    Coloration Desert-Camouflage Alternation
     Best Workouts Workout Instructions
    Plank Holds Wrap band around waist, kneel on floor, tuck thumbs into handles and place palms on floor. Extend right & left leg back while support body on palms and one knee. 
    Leg Lifts Sitting down with legs stretched forward, wrap band around feed and hold handle with both hands. Lie on back and lift feet off ground with knees slightly bent. Lift legs together up then down and repeat.
    Staggered Chest Press Anchor band to door anchor, grab handles and walk away from door. Once resistance is felt, move back foot forwards, push arms until full extension, and repeat.
    Chest Fly Attach band to door, hold handle in each hand and move away from door. Extend arms and bring palms together. Open arms to side, control movement, tighten shoulder blades and repeat. 
    Lateral Raise Grab band handles and step on band with left foot. Extend left arm overhead with elbow directly over shoulder and band behind shoulder. Flex left elbow and lower left forearm behind head. Pause, then return, and repeat. 
    All bands are subject to a 1-year limited warranty - in the rare instance that they stretch, they will be replaced.

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