Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are The Resistance Levels for Asset Bands?

A: Low Resistance (25lbs), Medium Resistance (35lbs), & Heavy Resistance (45lbs)

Q: Are the Bands Prone to Slipping & Burning?

A: Our bands are ergonomically designed with cotton fabric & latex. This gives them the elasticity & comfort to resist stress & prevent discomfort.

Q: What Coloration of Resistance Bands are Offered?

A: Creamsicle Collection: Pink, Turquoise, & Purple | Gray Scale: Black, Gray, & Silver

Q: What Resistance Level is "THAT ONE BAND"?

A: It comes in an adjustable 45lbs resistance band. 

Q: If I have More Questions Where Can I Ask Them?

A: Feel free to contact us at our "Contact Us" page under "Customer Service" in the footer, or under FAQ's in the top menu.