About us

Hi there and welcome to Workout Niche.com , where you can find the best at home workout equipment. We strive to bring you great a new products that will help you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your very own home.

As you probably aware by now that the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected us all in many ways, such as all gyms closing down now for the major part of 2020. Who knows how long will it be before life returns to what we call normal.

This is why Workout Niche got started, we knew that the gym was not the only place to reach our goals, with the right equipment we can achieve the same results. As a  Marine Veteran  being in the military physical strength and endurance were paramount to maintain combat readiness, we didn't always have a gym but we got creative and found ways to always maintain peak performance. My wife has been working out since the age of 14 years old , she has built that habit and don't think for one second she is going to let me slouch on my fitness. It was the perfect concept to us and that's why we started Workout Niche, You don't need a gym, you can do it at Home.

Thus Workout Niche was born, we want to give people the power to continue their journey to accomplish their fitness goals even during these tough times.

We would like to thank you for your support and please come back for more great workout equipment.