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Featuring our exclusive collections: "Gray Scale," "Power Bands," & "Creamsicle" - asset & resistance bands ergonomically designed with multifunctionality & durability.

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Striving to deliver products developed for versatility and minimality, we help you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your very own home.

High-tension equipment made for both durability and dependability.

Additional power strength training or for a deep stretch - it's convenient.

Won't break, snap, or become deformed; regardless of excess stress they carry.

Perfect for stretching muscles pre and post workout and an extra layer of resistance.


Low Resistance (25lbs), Medium Resistance (35lbs), & Heavy Resistance (45lbs)

Our bands are ergonomically designed with cotton fabric & latex. This gives them the elasticity & comfort to resist stress & prevent discomfort.

Creamsicle Collection: Pink, Turquoise, & Purple | Gray Scale: Blacy, Gray, & Silver

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